Questioning your Faith – Part 2

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In part 1, we covered the basics of questioning your faith. We’re going to dive in a little deeper here.

Before we do so, I need to bring a common problem to your attention. At some point, we all must accept our limitations as human beings. There are some aspects that we simply cannot fathom, and we need to draw a line somewhere. Let me give you an example.

Who made God?

If God made everything, who made God? Lets be realistic, this question is an infinite loop because if something or someone created God, what created it? And so on and so on, to infinity and beyond. What we’re really querying here is the very existence of existence. It’s pointless. We need to accept that there are things about life that are beyond our comprehension.

An incomplete puzzle

Here’s the most amazing yet frustrating thing about life. We’re dealing with an immensely complex system with so many interconnected components that it’s far beyond human understanding. You need to treat your spiritual growth like a jigsaw puzzle that can never be finished. The best we can hope for is to eventually piece together as much as possible, so we see the bigger picture.

We’re all on the same journey to understand why we’re here and what we need to accomplish. The full picture may not be clear, and you’ll get assistance from others along the way. If someone tells you that a certain piece fits in a certain place, you need to take that piece and see for yourself if it fits. Don’t just take their word for it. You may need to turn it around, group it with similar pieces or place it aside for the time being.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Sometimes a piece may be in the right place but not appear to fit the overall picture that’s in your mind. For instance, I used to never fast. I’ve heard it preached but it never made sense to me. My rational was such, if God is my Father then which Father would require their child to starve themselves in order to get something? I do not expect my daughter to go on a hunger strike if she needs something.

I had the piece but it didn’t make sense to me. However, I did not disregard it entirely. Now, I understand the importance of fasting and that it has nothing to do with my preconceived notion. I have more pieces around it so fasting makes sense now. Don’t expect to understand everything immediately. It’s a journey. And don’t get too uptight when even the spiritual leader’s answer doesn’t make total sense.

Just remember to not discard the whole puzzle when a portion of it doesn’t make sense.

If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit

Sometimes, we see how someone else has arranged their pieces and we notice that it doesn’t fit our picture (beliefs) so we then try to alter our pieces to make it fit. For instance, the Bible teaches that the entire system was created by God in 6 days and He rested on the 7th. We then look at “Science” talking about evolution taking millions of years. We then try to file our pieces and shape it so both fit together because we erroneously believe that science must be correct. We’re technologically advanced but anything pertaining to our origin is speculation and theories. You can’t insist it’s correct but still be looking for proof.

The pieces either fit or it doesn’t. You’ll find that as we grow in our faith and knowledge of the system, it’ll all make sense and fit together perfectly. Lets be honest, the majority of us struggle to get through the Bible as it is. How thick would it be if God had to explain each and every detail? We’d never finish it.

For instance, the Bible stipulates that we should not eat pork. In fact, there’s quite a few animals that we shouldn’t be eating but it doesn’t explain why. It even mentions shellfish in this list. Keep in mind that this information was far beyond their technological understanding, so it came from God. Now, we have the technological means of testing these animals. Did you know that they test shellfish to determine the toxins in water? Would anyone like to put the pieces together? There’s a valid reason why we shouldn’t be eating it. You know the saying, you are what you eat. Well you are, whatever it ate too.

Just remember that the entire system is interconnected. Your spiritual growth will accelerate when you learn about all aspects of life. When you see the complexity in everything, it brings us closer to God. It dawns on us how powerful He is in comparison to us. Yet, He loves us.

I hope this makes sense. I’ll wrap up this lesson next week.

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  1. Good Read! I look forward to reading the other parts to the lesson. I love the question, “where did God come from?”. Non-believers can’t grasp the concept that God has no beginning. I like to remind people that God is the one that created time, so there is no way he is restricted or confined in time. Just like the creator of the computer is not restricted by the limits of the computer. There is so much we cannot comprehend while in our physical bodies. But I believe when we get to heaven, it will all make since.

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