What’s the right age to get married?

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The Career Myth If you’re like me, you had the following drummed into your head, “First focus on your career. Once you establish yourself, then you can consider getting married.” Sounds reasonable, right? It seems logical. Let’s dig into this logical argument. So by this logic, you work on your career and once you’re high […]

The Purpose of a Partner

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When we think of a partner, we think of someone that we would spend our life with. Someone to start a family with and grow old together. Was that really why God created us? Just so we can play house? Seems a bit odd that a God of purpose would do that just so we […]

Dating, Dick Pics & Unnecessary Drama

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My sudden entrance back into the world of singleness has left me a little bewildered. I’m only 33, so it’s not like I’m elderly. Apparently sending pictures of various organs or fully nude is common place. So common in fact that a 69 year old couple was looking for a threesome and sent out their […]

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