Hardwired for Success

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If only our purpose was stamped on the bottom of our foot when we’re born. Nothing detailed, just one word would suffice, doctor, lawyer, teacher. Wouldn’t that make life easier? To be fair, human nature is such that if we had our purpose imprinted on our body, we would spend our lives trying to defy […]

Time Management Tips

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Time management is all about ROI (return on investment). We all have 24 hours in a day but our effectiveness is dependent on how well we can maximize this time. Being busy and being productive are totally different. Most articles on time management tips mention key points to keep in mind regarding time management but […]

9 Life Lessons from Video Games

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9 Life Lessons from Video Games Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes, from unexpected places. Today we’re going to look at 9 life lessons from video games. Lesson 1: Like video games, life will always be challenging and along the way your skills are developed with each level that’s completed. Every challenge that you face […]

Should I study part time or full time?

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Once I sat in a doctor’s waiting room and overheard a mother and son discussing college. The son was adamant that he wanted to work and study part time and his mother was trying to persuade him otherwise. I decided not to interject as unsolicited advice is worth what you pay for it, however I’d […]

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