Planet Single

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After narrowly escaping the destruction of my home world, planet marriage. I found myself hurtling back to what I hoped would remain a distant memory. Much to my dismay, I was on a collision course with planet single. With a bumpy re-entry into its atmosphere, I crash landed and stumbled out a little woozy from the […]

Questioning your Faith – Part 3

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So guys in Part 1 we touched on the fact that it’s natural to question your faith at some point and that asking questions is a good thing, but needs to be done with tact and caution. In part 2, we discussed the limitations of questioning everything, where we should draw the line and what […]

Questioning your Faith – Part 2

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In part 1, we covered the basics of questioning your faith. We’re going to dive in a little deeper here. Before we do so, I need to bring a common problem to your attention. At some point, we all must accept our limitations as human beings. There are some aspects that we simply cannot fathom, […]

Questioning Your Faith – Part 1

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At some point in our lives this question crosses our minds, “Is this the right religion?” How would you even know if you’re serving the right God? There’s a lot of them now, lest we forget the multitude of cultures that came and went, like the gods of Greek and Norse (viking) mythology. We’re all […]

Hardwired for Success

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If only our purpose was stamped on the bottom of our foot when we’re born. Nothing detailed, just one word would suffice, doctor, lawyer, teacher. Wouldn’t that make life easier? To be fair, human nature is such that if we had our purpose imprinted on our body, we would spend our lives trying to defy […]

What’s the right age to get married?

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The Career Myth If you’re like me, you had the following drummed into your head, “First focus on your career. Once you establish yourself, then you can consider getting married.” Sounds reasonable, right? It seems logical. Let’s dig into this logical argument. So by this logic, you work on your career and once you’re high […]

The road to “Passing It On”

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Approximately four years ago, my grandparents told me about how talented my great-grandfather was. Apparently, he built puppets of some sort for events. I guess that would make my grandfather Pinocchio. Imagine my surprise to hear this story. I was in my late twenties and this was the first time I’d ever heard of it. […]

The Purpose of a Partner

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When we think of a partner, we think of someone that we would spend our life with. Someone to start a family with and grow old together. Was that really why God created us? Just so we can play house? Seems a bit odd that a God of purpose would do that just so we […]

Dealing with the storms of life

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I always had a picture of what my life would be like. We all have this picture. A preconceived notion of how it should be. My picture was of a happy, stable family. A wife that adored me, polite kids (2 or perhaps 3) and two dogs. I wouldn’t peg myself as a materialistic man. […]

Why does God want us to be Successful?

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Jesus taught many lessons during his ministry and most of them were about changing our way of life and operating like the Kingdom of heaven. We’ve heard the sermons in Church on how we’re supposed to behave and what we’re supposed to do in certain situations but they don’t explain why we’re supposed to do […]

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