2019 has been a whirlwind, to say the least, with divorce proceedings and work transitions. Here’s what I’ve been up to this year.


05/11/19 Writing Anywhere with Google Keep Clinton Unfiltered
04/11/19Dating, Nude Pics & Unnecessary Drama Joshua’s Outpost
15/10/19 AliExpress vs Banggood in Durban
02/10/19Study hard so you can get a good, high paying job and you’ll be happy Joshua’s Outpost
02/09/19The Truth about success Joshua’s Outpost
05/08/19Hater-nomics Joshua’s Outpost
03/07/19Repackaging the Gospel Joshua’s Outpost
05/06/19Is God Real? A logical analysis of evolution Joshua’s Outpost
06/05/19Adultery: Getting over it Joshua’s Outpost
01/04/19Adultery: Guilt & Shame Joshua’s Outpost
06/03/19The truth about adultery Joshua’s Outpost
06/02/19How To Be Strong Joshua’s Outpost
02/01/19Doomsday Prepping for Christians Joshua’s Outpost

Other Projects

10/09/19Outdoors with AJ – Pilot Episode
25/09/19What’s for lunch? – Smoked Chicken Salad
25/09/19 What’s for Lunch? – Nachos
25/09/19 What’s for Lunch? – Chicken & Pasta Salad
25/09/19 What’s for Lunch? – Tuna salad on health rolls
25/09/19 What’s for Lunch? – Couscous Salad

Passing it on… (Cooking Vlog)

17/11/19S2E43Mini Pies for Kids with Zaria Divan
10/11/19S2E42Soji Balls with Reena Govender
03/11/19S2E41Burfee Cake with Elaine Gengiah
27/10/19S2E40Puff Pastry Turnover with Reena Govender
20/10/19S2E39Burfee with Elaine Gengiah
12/10/19S2E38Vol-au-vent with tuna filling with Reena Govender
06/10/19S2E37Soji Cake with Reena Govender
05/10/19S2E36Trout with Avocado and Mango Salsa with Bernice Faure
28/09/19S2E35Puff pastry cones with fresh cream and strawberries with Reena Govender
21/09/19S2E34Dosai / Dosa Recipe with Cookie Perumal
14/09/19S2E33Beef Burger with Kevin Govender
07/09/19S2E32Dorado with roasted peppers and steamed vegetables with Bernice Faure
31/08/19S2E31Fried Banana with Reena Govender
24/08/19S2E30Sweet Rice and Kadala with Devi Moodley
17/08/19S2E29Cooked Moringa Flowers & Scrambled Eggs with Reena Govender
10/08/19S2E28Pizza for Kids with Kristin Chloe Pillay
03/08/19S2E27Beans Curry with Bernice Faure
28/07/19S2E26Spaghetti & Mince with Elaine Gengiah
20/07/19S2E25Pawpaw Curry with Cookie Perumal
14/07/19S2E24Thai Crab Curry with Valencia Naidoo
06/07/19S2E23Cooked Spinach with Nancy Mzobe
29/06/19S2E22Cottage Pie with Reena Govender
23/06/19S2E21Tripe Curry with Vigie Nadasen
16/06/19S2E20Steak in minutes with Michelle Naicker
08/06/19S2E19Turkey Curry with Logie Ponnen
01/06/19S2E18Soji with Prisha Sukdeo
26/05/19S2E17Puli Sadam or Tamarind Rice Recipe with Neela Moonian
18/05/19S2E16Corned Meat Curry  with Michelle Naicker
12/05/19S2E15Meatball Chutney Recipe with Rani Murugan
04/05/19S2E14Chicken Neck & Gizzard Curry Recipe with Elaine Gengiah
28/04/19S2E13Rasam or King Soup with Neela Moonian
21/04/19S2E12Chicken à la King with Nicole Maistry
14/04/19S2E11Braised Lamb Liver with Reena Singh
07/04/19S2E10Trotters & Beans Curry with Elaine Gengiah
31/03/19S2E09Chakalaka & Pap with Irene Gwala
24/03/19S2E08Chicken & Bacon Pasta with Shereen Ammasai
17/03/19S2E07Birth Masala Chicken Curry with Grace Naidoo
10/03/19S2E06Spicy Chicken in 15 minutes with Kevin Govender
03/03/19S2E05Lamb Breyani with Kasturi Bishunath
24/02/19S2E04Crab Stick Chutney with Cookie Perumal
17/02/19S2E03Sheep Head Curry with Neela Moonian
10/02/19S2E02Garlic Butter Prawns with Reena Govender
03/02/19S2E01Pork Curry Recipe with John Pillay

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