Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Rethinking our eating habits

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In every person’s life, there’s a turning point. For me, it was when my 3 year old looked at me and said, “Dad! Stand up straight!” She wasn’t referring to my posture but my weight. It was pretty obvious that she was comparing me to the other fathers in the store. I felt a searing […]

Should I study part time or full time?

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Once I sat in a doctor’s waiting room and overheard a mother and son discussing college. The son was adamant that he wanted to work and study part time and his mother was trying to persuade him otherwise. I decided not to interject as unsolicited advice is worth what you pay for it, however I’d […]

If your boss wants loyalty, he should buy a dog.

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One of the greatest lessons that I learnt about work was that you work for no one but yourself. Your boss doesn’t own you. You are not a servant nor a slave to your employer. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship which can be best described as similar to the relationship between a business and it’s […]

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